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    Link error "undefined reference to `platform_i2c_write' platform_i2c_write" on AVNET 4343W



      I'm using WICED SDK 4.0 to develop a prototype on AVNET BCM4343W IOT Starter Kit.

      The example demo/bt_smartbridge works very well now.

      Then, I try to enable sensor via I2C interface using the set of wiced_i2c_xxxx APIs,

      but the compiler tell me there's error:


      C:\Users\brian_chen\Documents\WICED\WICED-Studio-4.0\43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx/../wiced_platform_common.c:276: undefined reference to `platform_i2c_write'

      tools/makefiles/wiced_elf.mk:262: recipe for target 'build/demo.bc_I2C_sensor-BCM94343W_AVN/binary/demo.bc_I2C_sensor-BCM94343W_AVN.elf' failed

      make.exe[1]: *** [build/demo.bc_I2C_sensor-BCM94343W_AVN/binary/demo.bc_I2C_sensor-BCM94343W_AVN.elf] Error 1

      Makefile:308: recipe for target 'main_app' failed

      make: *** [main_app] Error 2


      Does this mean an wrong platform file? or I lose something? please advise.

      Thank you.