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    Concurrent connections to multipls peripherals


      Hi Everyone,


      Is CYW2073x capable to be configured as Central role and then connect with two Peripheral devices for concurrent transmission (not ADV)?

      The customer product needs to connect with other two devices and then send the control commands (via custom GATT profiles) to them at the same time (without connect A, TX,disconnect A, connect B, TX, disconnect)  . Time division/sharing will cause out of sync due to time difference.

      Please also advise the corresponding documentation reference for the above implementation.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Hello Kevin,


          CYW2073x supports multiple peripheral connections and also simultaneous slave/master role.


          Please refer to the following blog post for simultaneous slave/master.

          Additional master/slave questions on BCM20736/7 family


          Regarding multiple peripherals, simultaneous connections will alway be time-shared. There is limited bandwidth available to a network and this is shared between pairs of devices at a time. If you have 1 master with n slaves, the master will poll each slave and the slave can respond only to the master when polled. The interval and instant when the poll happens is established when the connection between the master and that slave is established.




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            Hi Jaeyoung,


            Thanks for your feedback!  Please correct me if my understanding in my scenario corrects:


            Process: Central C connect/poll peripheral A, TX,disconnect A, connect peripheral B, TX, disconnect


            When we says simultaneous, there is only single active connection between Master and one of the slave at any incident?


            assume 3 bytes of data payload from central to peripheral, what will be the estimated time latency range between peripheral A received payload and peripheral B received Payload from Central C?


            Thanks and Regards,