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    Missing features from PSoC5




      I like the idea of having dual-core MCU with integrated bluetooth. However, I am hearing there of so many features, that were implemented in PSoC5, and are not currently implemented in PSoC6. Why? Sorry, but these things make me feel like PSoC6 is a significant step backwards.

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          Thanks for your question.

          To clarify, PSoC 6 is purpose-built for the IoT. Our initial release, the PSoC 6 BLE device (PSoC 63 line) is targeted for wearables and portable consumer devices in the IoT. Overall, these segments do not require as high-performance analog or digital resources that you can get from a PSoC 5LP device.


          But as I mentioned above, the PSoC 6 architecture has been built for the IoT, so other segments like medical, industrial, home automation also fall under the IoT. During our development of the PSoC 6 architecture, we looked at the needs of all of these IoT segments, and built the architecture to address and support all segments in the IoT. The PSoC 6 architecture is flexible in that we can add more high-performance analog and digital features, allowing us to release new lineups for different IoT segments and different market needs. PSoC 6 also uses a 40-nm process technology that enables ultra-low-power, for power efficiency.


          I would not say that PSoC 6 is a step backwards, it is a huge leap forward. It's architecture has the capability to address current/new markets that need high performance analog and needs more overall analog/digital resources with its flexibility, provides dual-cores to optimize for high-performance and power consumption, and is built on a 40-nm process technology, allowing for ultra-low-power.


          Also, to re-emphasize, PSoC 6 BLE is our initial release in the PSoC 6 portfolio, we have plans in the coming months for new lineups that have more analog/digital capabilities, and are high-performance, plus the added benefits I mentioned above.


          Let me know if something is not clear, hopefully I have addressed your concern

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                 1、As we all know,The consumer market is very concerned about the price.Although the PSoC 6 BLE device is targeted for werables and consumer devices in the IoT,Will the PSoC 6 BLE of the chip be expensive?

                 2、Regarding medical, industrial, home automation in the IoT,these segments require high precision, high reception sensitivity, high interference capability, High link budget, and multi connections.How about these feature?

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              Apologies for the late reply!

              1) We will have different feature sets, ranging from lower cost to higher cost PSoC 6 BLE devices. So the cost will depend on what features you need in your application.

              2) Yes, we are looking into these features for the IoT segments you mentioned. Questions/comments like yours confirms that we are hopefully heading in the right direction



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                     Thanks for your reply.Hope that these features can be achieved as soon as possible.Yesterday I told my colleagues to discuss CYPRESS BLE, he said CY BLE peripherals are very cost-effective, but CY software supporting things worse than the competitors, such as how to test BLE power consumption? Packet Sniffer tools, and even a test can directly test the BLE power tools and so on