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    Will the PSoC 6 have more control nodes in its switching fabric?

      I love the PSoC 4, but as my design has gotten more complex, I've tended to run out of control nodes and been unable to use any more components like MUXes or UDB components. Admittedly I'm using almost everything -- I2C, SPI, UART, Opamps, ADC, etc., but it was just a bit underpowered (and yes, I've paid a lot of attention to which peripherals use which pins -- something which I'd rather not have to work as hard at!) and i'll have to start using external hardware on my very space-constrained board.


      Adding to the annoyance, PSoC Creator just gives a generic error that sjplacer has not found a solution, and I can get it to complain about insufficient control nodes if I delete components and rebuild gradually in the right order.  While I'd love to have better error handling, I'd much rather have this become a non-issue in future versions -- there should be enough control nodes to allow me to use a full selection of components.


      So: will there be a larger number of switching components and greater flexibility in pin selection in PSoC 6?

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          Firstly, welcome to the world of PSoC 6, and yes, the short answer is that PSoC 6 is definitely a bigger chip, with upto 12 UDBs compared to the 4 or 8 UDBs on PSoC4200 families. You also get more number of digital peripherals, for instance upto 9 SCBs which can be used to make digital communication peripherals like I2C, UART, SPI.


          Regarding your concern with the Creator, the build phases like mapping, placing and routing do have improvements with versions, nevertheless as you've mentioned, incrementally placing components and building helps the software in generating better verbose messages if there are errors. Please do look out for the Release Notes documentation which is bundled with each Creator release to get a list of all enhancements applied to the new release.


          I also encourage you to share your specific feedback on areas where you'd like to see improvements in the Creator build process through our tech support channel - http://www.cypress.com/mycases

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