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    Analog Routing

      Hello Everyone,


      I'd like to know how many routing paths you consider to put into the PSoC6 ? will it be family dependent?

      What are the special benefits of the Motor-Controller family? high current mosfets, pid algorithms, special tuning features,...?

      And just as a wish the main reason we are using the PSoC5LP right now is the 20bit Delta-Sigma ADC, if the ADC would become more powerful or more accurate would be awesome


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          As far as I understood, Motor controller family is dual core, so for sure you can include tuning algorithm and perform loop compensation at higher control loop frequency, and everything is implemented in digital. Also, you can may be do software defined peripheral usage like ZCD inside software for BLDC sensorless control etc. Also, having dual core can enable us to control both speed and torque with great performance and accurate calculations so that no motor oscillations or other artifacts can occur due to less efficient calculations.

          I did work on BLDC motor and used normal SAR ADC and it worked pretty well. Also, cypress targeting it to IOT market where so much accurate ADC may not be required.