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    First time Wifi connection failure


      I am running into this problem infrequently, where the first time wifi connection fails mysteriously, for the identical input parameters (SSID name, password, security type)


      Tracing through the wwd_wifi_join function, it is clear that all the initial calls succeed. (at least returns the success code!)



        wwd_wifi_set_block_ack_window_size();  // call succeeds

        wwd_wifi_prepare_join(); // call succeeds

        wwd_sdpcm_get_ioctl_buffer(); // returns params

        wwd_sdpcm_send_ioctl(); // call succeeds

        // So it finally comes to check, if the wifi stack is ready

        wwd_wifi_is_ready_to_transceive( WWD_STA_INTERFACE ); // fails



      So, when I try to make the call to wiced_join_ap_specific() in a loop with a few retries, wwd_wifi_is_ready_to_transceive() still fails.

      The failure code returned by the wwd_wifi_is_ready_to_transceive() function is either



      Note that the whole setup works fine, for the same AP in identical setup several times.

      Once in a while, the above error happens.   This makes it very unreliable.


      Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the above behavior?