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    PSoC6 features




      I would like to ask the following.

      1. NFC feature did not included in PSoC4 and if I have understood correctly, the initial plans do not include NFC in PSoC6. Are there any plans to include NFC (Near-Field Communication) in future versions of PSoC6?

      2. Are there any plans to include an API in the PSoC6 dongle so we can implement computer software that communicates with the dongle and implement the BLE central device from the PC side?

      3. Some microcontrollers can dynamically remap pins. Can this be achieved in PSoC6? If it cannot, then is this a PSoC6 limitation or the general architecture with the fitting process renders this practically inevitable?

      4. Are there any plans for emFile and emWin components, supported in PSoC5 but not supported in PSoC4, to be supported in PSoC6?

      5. Can the integrated buck converter supply current for external circuits apart from PSoC6?


      Thank you very much.

      Best Regards.


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          Hello Yiannis,


          To your questions -

          1. Currently we do not plans for NFC in PSoC 6 family. But if there are enough requests and market need, we will consider it in our roadmap.

          2. We definitely have plans to provide the BLE dongle firmware and API reference when it comes out. In fact, we do provide an API reference guide for the existing CySmart PC application, which can be used to develop PC software using the existing Cypress BLE dongles. We will be updating the same for PSoC 6.

          3. PSoC can dynamically remap pins as well. I can think of two ways immediately - one is through the High-Speed IO matrix (HSIOM), which is a matrix of switches that enable connection between various blocks/peripherals and I/Os. The HSIOM settings can be dynamically changed during code execution and it is as simple as configuring a MUX. Another way is to use UDBs and Smart I/Os to implement MUXes that can be controlled during run-time.

          4. Yes, emWin and emFile components are in plan for PSoC 6

          5. It is a complicated answer - the internal buck regulators (there are two of them - one for PSoC core and another for BLE radio) are capable of supporting loads up to 20 mA (and 25 mA combined/total together). So, if you are sure your other circuit combined with PSoC/BLE radio does not exceed these load limits, then yes you can use the buck to power external circuits. In general, we do not recommend the use case but then nobody restricts you to use them the way you want


          I hope the above answers help.



          Meenakshi Sundaram R

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            Thank you very much for your answers.


            Best Regards,


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              Hi MSUR,

              Per your description, "the internal buck regulators (there are two of them - one for PSoC core and another for BLE radio)". May I know which PSoC core, M4 or M0+, you mean here?


              Thanks a lot,

              Gary Su

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                I think it means the core logic, which would include both CPU cores, flash, ram, maybe the PLD stuff, etc.