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    What are the differences of the wiced_interface_t options?

      Can someone explain or tell me where to find documentation about the differences between WWD_STA_INTERFACE, WWD_AP_INTERFACE, WWD_P2P_INTERFACE, and WWD_ETHERNET_INTERFACE?

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          Hello Dorian,


          There is no special document for these. You can refer to wiced_network_up() source code and check what exactly we are doing for each interface. This will give you an idea of what interface you need to select as per your requirement.

          As per the naming convention the following is the short description:


          typedef enum


              WICED_STA_INTERFACE      = WWD_STA_INTERFACE,             /**< STA or Client Interface  */

              WICED_AP_INTERFACE       = WWD_AP_INTERFACE,              /**< softAP Interface         */

              WICED_P2P_INTERFACE      = WWD_P2P_INTERFACE,             /**< P2P Interface            */

              WICED_ETHERNET_INTERFACE = WWD_ETHERNET_INTERFACE,        /**< Ethernet Interface       */

              WICED_INTERFACE_MAX,       /** DO NOT USE - MUST BE AFTER ALL NORMAL INTERFACES - used for counting interfaces */

              WICED_CONFIG_INTERFACE   = WICED_AP_INTERFACE | (1 << 7), /**< config softAP Interface  */

          } wiced_interface_t;


          If you need more info please let me know.

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