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    BCM20737S reasons for corrupt EEPROM


      Every now and then (very rarely), we have this issue where a download will fail with no apparent reason and then we would not be able to

      download the firmware anymore. We have to bring the part into download mode by holding the SDA high and then do the recovery procedure.

      From looking at other posts with similar problems, I can see two problems that could lead in download failure: 1) I2C line load or interference

      and 2) having a sudden disconnection of the cable or power down. I assume here that the right 3.3V cable is used.

      In the post: Rebooting/Recovery of a BCM20737S **HELP**  the answer given states that it common to have EEPROM corrupted if you download and

      test new firmware. I am wondering if there is an explanation what could cause something like that, assuming we don't have I2C and power problems.

      Is this something that we can avoid or this is something out of our control that could happen anytime?