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    BCM4343W Bluetooth 4.2 support



      We are currently evaluating/developing against an i.mx6ul with Murata 1DX board. We would like to support Bluetooth in an IoT context, and I want to understand what would be possible with the BCM4343W in the Murata 1DX. We will be running Linux on board using NXP's Yocto distribution. We are currently evaluating using Kernel 4.1 and 4.9, bcmdhd, and BlueZ 5. The separation between what is handled by the Bluetooth module ( BCM4343W firmware ), and BlueZ is not 100% clear to me yet, so please excuse any mis-understandings, I'm from an 802.15.4 background, not Bluetooth.


      I understand from the Datasheet that Bluetooth 4.1 is supported with "provisions for supporting future specifications". Can I take this to mean that Bluetooth 4.2 support would just require a new firmware for the module?


      Please pardon my ignorance, but from what I understand today Bluetooth 4.2 is required for IoT due to Packet Length Extension, Link Layer Security, and the Internet Protocol Support Profile. This last one being required to successfully use 6LowPan over a Bluetooth channel. Is IPv6 or 6LowPan use possible with the BCM4343W? I have read an older thread that asks about 6LowPan(6LoWPAN enable? ) on a different chip, so would like to confirm if 6LowPan is possible on this one.


      How about Bluetooth Mesh? I have read a few forum posts on Bluetooth Mesh ( Mesh Networking and  Does BCM20737S support BT standards 4.1 and 4.2, Mesh, Thread ) for the BCM20737S part that suggest it is possible with that part. Is there support for Bluetooth Mesh with the BCM4343W?


      Thank you to any and all responses. My apologies if I am posting in an inappropriate space.