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    Why 2 DAC but only one ADC ?




      Iot market focus sensors, so why limit to only one ADC ?


      2 DAC, ok for Audio output, but we can do this with the 32 TCPWM + UDB, but add one ADC is not possible.


      We could imagine that the 2 cores have to process sensors, but not at same rate and with the same precision.

      Also some applications require synchronise acquisition, it's impossible with only one ADC.



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          For this first PSoC 6 series release, we only have 1 SAR ADC, but the architecture has been built so that we can provide more ADCs. We have plans for future PSoC 6 series to have another internal ADC.


          Thanks for the question!

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            ...Adding to IYM's response.


            In addition to the SAR ADC in PSoC 6, the CapSense block can implement a 10-bit slope ADC (48 ksps max). Thus PSoC 6 includes 2 ADCs technically without additional effort.


            And if you want more, you can implement a 12-bit SAR ADC using UDBs and the 12-bit DAC + one comparator and another 8-bit SAR using UDBs and 8-bit IDAC + one comparator.


            So that puts the number at 4 ADCs in PSoC 6



            Meenakshi Sundaram R

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              Like the PSoC5, wouldn't there be the ability for a analog mux into the single ADC ?

              We monitor 8 different items in a sequential pattern. (Mux of course internal to CPU)

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                That's great!


                Do you if there's anything notes about implementing an ADC using UDBs? I'm really new to UDBs so not really understanding how it could be done.

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                  Yes, you do have the option to connect analog MUX to SAR input and then do sequencing either in firmware or through UDBs. That said, like PSoC 4, the SAR ADC includes an in-built 8-channel sequencer which eliminates the need for firmware sequencing and AMUX connections.

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                    Unfortunately we do not have any document on this on our website. However, you can get in touch with our tech support team and they should be able to assist you on this as we do have different variants of SAR ADC implementation using UDBs internally We will soon plan to release a version of the implementation on our website.

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                      Thanks Msur, i forgot these possibility, so 4 ADC are great.


                      The only drawback is that we have technical data only for one, but perhaps a future "great"  Application Note will give us these datas.


                      Best regards