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    using photon hardware


      Hey All!


      I'm attempting to use the Particle Photon hardware as a platform for my own firmware built with the wiced sdk, but I don't seem to have all the required info.


      I'm assuming they (Particle) basically used the wiced sdk and probably a broadcom eval board as their platform, but that still leaves some out some details.


      Does anyone here know what frequency the crystal is on the Photon board (if that's even how they run their clock)?


      By examining their libraries as well as some high level documentation on their web site, it looks like they are using SDIO rather than SPI, and are using the following pins for that:  GPIOC/12 GPIOD/2, GPIOC/8, GPIOC/9, GPIOC/10, GPIOC/11 .  The DMA channel used is DMA2 Stream3.


      That sound about right?