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    UDBs on PSoC 6



      I was waiting for information about PSoC6 some time ago, it looks impressive. I noticed on the presentation video that PSoC6 will have less UDBs than the 5LP family, i think the programmable logic inside PSoC make it unique (on the microcontroller sector), so personally i was expecting PSoC6 with more UDBs.


      I got some questions regarding that:

      * The UDBs inside PSoC6 have the same architecture as the UDBs on the 5LP family?

      * Can we expect PSoC6 sub-families with more programmable logic?

      * Is clear PSoC6 is focused on IoT and security, maybe can we expect a 5LP device with more UDBs?


      Thanks in advance

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          Apologies for the late reply:

          1) Yes, the UDBs have the same architecture as our P5LP families.

          2) The most UDBs we have now for our P6 device is 12. But we can add more.

          3) Unfortunately, we do not have plans for a P5LP device with more UDBs.



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            Thanks for the reply, now all my doubts about UDBs are solved ,will wait for the documentation to look into the other peripherals .


            Thanks again.