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    Debugger won't launch because of a missing eclipse_debug/last_bootloader.elf file on BCM94390x - Fixed

      I was trying to run the WICED 4.1.0 debugger on a BCM943907AEVAL1F board to debug an OTA2 app. I kept getting a failure in launch sequence error. When I looked at the details of the error it was because the eclipse_debug/last_bootloader.elf file was missing. Most devices use the tools/makefiles/standard_platform_targets.mk file to copy the required files to the eclipse_debug folder. This device uses the following file instead:




      This file contains rules for two targets that interested me, copy_output_for_eclipse and copy_bootloader_output_for_eclipse. The first of these copies last_built.elf and the second was supposed to copy last_bootloader.elf into the eclipse_debug folder, but clearly was not. I added the second target to the dependency list of the first and I no longer get the failure in launch sequence errors when I run the debugger.


      copy_output_for_eclipse: build_done $(BUILD_DIR)/eclipse_debug copy_bootloader_output_for_eclipse

          $(QUIET)$(CP) $(LINK_OUTPUT_FILE) $(BUILD_DIR)/eclipse_debug/last_built.elf