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    couple psoc 6 question


      Couple questions about the upcoming psoc 6.


      Are there plans for an inexpensive usb board like the $10 psoc 5 059 kit in addition to the more expensive pioneer kit?


      Just curious how many UDB's will be available on the psoc 6 chips, range or ballpark is fine(really hoping for an increase over the psoc 5)?



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          Apologies for the late reply.

          1) Yes, there are plans for a low cost prototyping kit for P6, just like hte 059 board. Release plan is early Quarter 1 of 2018.

          2) Current P6 has 12 UDBs, but we can add more (more than 5LP as well).



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            Great thanks for the info. I am sure I will try out the psoc 6 when it comes out. I would definitely be looking forward if/when you come out with one with more UDB than the psoc 5lp also. I have run out of UDB's a couple times on projects so a few more than the 5lp would be great.