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    PSoC Creator and PSoC6



      as long as there is no Silicon available, i would like to start some ideas in the PSoC-Creator. I want to be ready at the time, the first samples are available for me.


      I use the actual "PSoC Creator  4.0 Update 1 (". Is there an addon to implement the features of the PSoC6? Or, ist there anything I'm overlooking?


      ...hoping to start my first PSoC6 Project.....



      Best regards,

      Martin Kraus

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          Hi Martin!


          You aren't missing anything. At the moment support for PSoC 6 is not enabled in PSoC Creator, and the PDL is not available. So for the time being, from a customer perspective, software development is still  "theoretical."


          From a practical point of view, while moving right along, the entire firmware development process and PDL is a moving target.

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            Hi jett, I would have no problems with a alpha or beta status of the software environment. Even a prototype of the PSoC6 controller would be no problem for me, as i know i use not the final one. My distributor says i have to wait, even the NDA wont help me getting samples :-(( I'm curious what went wrong with your first/second/third...  samples, that you have to postpone it to end of 2017. Are you allowed to tell something about? The last tape out is planned for...? and so on :-)) Thanks from a curious-and-severely-addicted-PSoC-user ;-)

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              Hi Martin,


              Butting in from the side here There is nothing that went "wrong" with this first spin of silicon. The first silicon actually performed to expectation, but with anything, there will be improvements and refinements. These improvements are in process now and we plan to have production silicon in early to mid October.



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