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    20737 ledblink demo

      Is there anyone can give me some simple demo for 20737.Such as ledblink. Just this function.Anything else should be delete.As simple as it can be .

      If there is ,thanks!

      my mail adrress : 13523698526@163.com

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          Here's a little demo one of our previous interns put together,  I think you will find this helpful: Blink LED using PWM

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            Per your email question....


            The application runs in its own thread and the entire application framework is event driven

            The main entry point of the application is APPLICATION_INIT() where the app has to register its GATT database, configurations and the application create function

            No other operations are allowed at this point

            Once this is done, the rest of the firmware and the BLE stack will be initialized - and once these are ready- the application create function will be invoked

            This is equivalent to C’s main()

            Once you return from this function, everything is event driven

            Callbacks for connection up/down/end of ADV interval/write to GATT handle, interrupts, timer expiry etc. are all events for the application to handle

            So, there is effectively no need for a main() function