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    Delta-Sigma ADC?

      Any plans for a version with DS DAC (like the one in the PSoC58 chips)?

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          No, not at the moment. We have now a 12-bit SAR ADC only. But we will take into consideration your feedback on this, thank you!

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            This is a problem  for our company. We have been working on product development with a PSoC 5LP based specifically on the 20-bit Delta-Sigma ADC,  and we were hoping for increased data processing capabilities with the M4+ core in PSoC 6. Now it looks like we have to stay with PSoC 5.

            Ken Nelson

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              Hi Ken,


              I have the same opinion, for our company also one of the biggest strengths of PSOC5LP family is 20-bit Sigma-Delta ADC. I hope cypress could reconsider to put this important piece on the last release of PSOC6. In biomedic and sensible sensor signal processing is extremely important to have the highest resolution available.

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                Hi iym,


                Please communicate to your corporative is EXTREMELY important to have 20 bit Sigma-Delta ADC in PSOC6, I think for sure is one of the best resources available in your PSOC families.


                Thanks in advance.

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                  I also do not understand how the higher resolution ADC is missing from PSoC6.


                  We use load-cells and other analog instrumentation, were using 12bit in 80's.


                  thanks for the dialog....

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                    Hello all,


                    Our current PSoC 6 lineups are focusing more on the consumer and wearables IoT markets, which on the whole does not require high performance analog, such as a 20-bit DelSig ADC. But in saying this, the PSoC 6 architecture has been built so that the addition of more analog and digital resources is possible, and we do have plans to release new lineups that provide more analog resources and have higher performance analog, for markets such as medical and industrial.


                    We will for sure take all of your feedback into consideration for our next lineups, and also, let me know if something is not clear or you all have more questions.


                    Thanks and appreciate the feedback!

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                      For my company no 20 bit DS ADC, no PSoC6

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                        Hi Lym,


                        There are many of users who need 20bit but they are not aware of it's importance.

                        If you are not so skilled, and you "borrow" an example from Element14 and it works , then you cannot understand that you cannot use SAR for a thermocouple measurement.

                        If you have the possibility to include in your lineups DELSIG for PSOC6 you wil have an advantage on the market.



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                          I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the detail of making precision measurements using  the 20 bit DG on PSoC5.


                          I have a task every day, checking sealed lead-acid battery cells, using a constant-current load, so this is a low impedance signal, low noise ( just from the chemical process), Using 8 bit ADC, it takes hours for a reliable measurement. Using 16 bit ADC, it takes 20 minutes, but using 20 bit ADC ( 10 sps), it's done with great precision in 5 minutes.  What about 24 bit? Overkill for this, and the old 68HC11 8 bitter that was running it took forever, so back to 20 minutes due to a slow ancient processor.


                          Our main work is with higher impednace load cells, ambient  enviromental noise,  and some noise in the signal. The PSoc5LP processor and 20 bit DG are a marriage made in heaven, for data-in quality, and high processing ability, so fast throughput.


                          12 bit SAR is good for a high speed capture of high dynamic range inputs, but not for the boringh measurements that are required in the background.



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                            Hi Ken,


                            I think you're on the point, 24 bits would be ideal. But I have other question: would it be possible to implement this device using UDB blocks in psoc6??



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                              20-bit DelSig ADC,  20-bit DelSig ADC, 20-bit DelSig ADC. 

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                                For us a Del-Sig ADC is highly important as well and we would appreciate to it in PSoC6 in the near future.