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    apps_sleep not support BCM94343WWCD1 platform

      Hi In current 4.1.1 WICED Studio , there is a low-power example which is called apps_sleep under the test. but it is not support BCM94343WWCD1.

      When I try to build it with adding BCM94343* into to valid platform in mk. a error was thrown as below.


      MAKEFILE MAKECMDGOALS=test.apps_sleep-BCM94343WWCD1 download OTA2_SUPPORT is disabled

      Building Bootloader

      Finished Building Bootloader



      Compiling App_Apps_Sleep_test

      Compiling Platform_BCM94343WWCD1

      Compiling WICED

      apps/test/apps_sleep/apps_sleep.c:42:28: fatal error: platform_cache.h: No such file or directory

      #include "platform_cache.h"


      compilation terminated.

      tools/makefiles/wiced_elf.mk:215: recipe for target 'build/test.apps_sleep-BCM94343WWCD1/Modules/apps/test/apps_sleep/apps_sleep.o' failed

      make.exe[1]: *** [build/test.apps_sleep-BCM94343WWCD1/Modules/apps/test/apps_sleep/apps_sleep.o] Error 1

      make.exe[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

      make: *** [main_app] Error 2

      Makefile:330: recipe for target 'main_app' failed



      15:02:52 Build Finished (took 3s.204ms)



      can you help fix this issue and make it working with BCM94343WWCD1 platform?

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          BCM94343W based platforms are not supported in apps_sleep. Even if you add BCM94343* in the .mk file, there are functions and constants that are valid only for BCM4390x based platforms such as platform_gci_chipstatus() and platform_backplane_reset_cores() and PLATFORM_SOCSRAM_CH0_SLAVE_WRAPPER_REGBASE, etc. Now coming to the error, the header platform_cache.h is used by the valid BCM4390x devices that support ARM Cortex R4 processor. On the other hand, BCM4343W and STM32F411 do not support Cortex R4, that is why Wiced could not find platform_cache.h even though you included BCM94343* in the .mk file. So basically you can only use those platforms that are valid in apps_sleep.

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