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    WICED Studio 4.1.1 has been released...




      Cypress WICED Software Development Kit - CHANGELOG


      Changes for WICED-SDK 4.1.1


      * Libraries, Protocols, Drivers

        * Homekit

           * Added API to allow application to manage Accessory instance ID. Increased the data type to 16-bit integer

           * Resolved 'no response' issue on the controller during stress/long-duration tests

        * Stability fixes to MQTT library to resolve memory leak and handling of out-of-order packets

        * Resolved DTLS server handshake issue for unsupported cipher suites

        * Resolved an issue with RSA parsing during TLS handshake

        * Fixed packet loss in NetX/NetX-Duo ARP and ND packet types

        * Fixes for Pre-Cert 11n WMM certification issues