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    Sorted WiFi Scan


      Hi Folks,


      My application needs to scan for APs around.

      I used the snip code of scan to see how to handle it and so far so good.


      My app also needs to store the result of the scan such that it can be returned later on hence, I had to bind the number of scan results that I can save to 20.


      Now, my concern is the following: How does the scan operate? Does it scans by channels? Therefore, there are risks that if I have more than 20 APs around and some in the last channels, I would never be able to see them?


      Is there any way to specify to the SDK that I want results returned sorted by RSSI? Such that I show only the 20 closer to my device? That would be perfect!


      Thank you for your support and let me know if you need more information.



      BCM4343W - STM32F412