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    Enabling Bluetooth coexistence interface on CYW43362



      We're having a problem trying to enable 3-wire Bluetooth coexistence interface on CYW43362 (formerly BCM43362). There doesn't seem to be any documentation nor high-level API available in the WICED SDK (we're using WICED 3.3.0 at the moment) describing how to enable BT-coex specifically, so our current approach is based on setting of the "btc_mode" and "btc_wire" IOVARs to WL_BTC_ENABLE and WL_BTC_3WIRE respectively – right after initializing WICED with wiced_init() call. However, even though the variables seem to be set successfully (we can see expected values after querying the variables), the BT-coex interface doesn't seem to work, and we don't observe any output on the BTCX_TXCONF pin, which should be set to HIGH by default, once the BT-coex is enabled (as described in this document: AN214852 - Collaborative Coexistence Interface Between Cypress-to-Cypress Solutions and Cypress-to-third-party Chips | C…).


      Do we need to perform any additional initialization prior to setting IOVARs related to BT-coex, or there's some limitation in the firmware or hardware that we currently use?


      I'm attaching a minimal source code that shows our current initialization procedure, as well as the firmware/hardware version info, as reported by the "ver" IOVAR and WLC_GET_REVINFO IOCTL command.


      Thank you!