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    wiced_init() failed due to filesystem init fail?

      I'm having trouble with the BCM94343W_AVN platform (4343W with STM32F411 MCU) and SDK 4.0.1. The wiced_init() would hang and fail because of platform_filesystem_init().


      And more specifically, through the help of GDB, I find that result = wicedfs_init( 0, read_callback, &resource_fs_handle, &wicedfs_sflash_handle ); would return -1.


      Inside wicedfs_init, it fails here:


      bytes_read = read_func( user_param, &fs_header, (wicedfs_usize_t) sizeof(fs_header), base );

          if ( bytes_read != sizeof(fs_header) )


              return -1;



      Does anyone have any idea of what could go wrong? Other examples can compile just fine. And I don't have code executed before wiced_init().