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    BLE 20737s module on electric machine RS(RF interference Test) fail?!


      we provide a BLE 20737s module to be as master on electric machine, like air-cleaner.
      It also receive the sensor value broadcasting from other end-device(slave).
      Our customer takes their air-cleaner to do the RF interference test(SGS RF);

      it fails at 2.4G RF test but other frequencies are ok.
      Coz BLE is operating on 2.4G band, if trying this 2.4G co-channel noise test, is it a correct test to test on 20737s
      or we need to avoid this same band BLE4.0 test; i know 737s is low-energy power and it should have error packet
      received in Rx path of master module. Is my idea right or if no, how to pass this test case  or Cypress has
      also that kind of test-report or not???