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    CYW43438/BCM43438 BLE Connections (max number)

      What is a maximum number of simalteneous BLE connections supported by CYW43438/BCM43438?

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          We have tested till 5 simultaneous connection at a time. As per the controller is concern it can support more than that but we have not tested. User can try to connect more and check for the ability of simultaneous connections.

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            I really wonder that you don't have exact number.

            Because it is also a matter of internal memory availability to keep connections information. If you don't have enough memory - you are limited on connections (at least)

            There should be some theoretical limit at least (even if it is not tested)

            As I understood  the chip is designed to support <8 connections  5 Connections garanteed (it might work for 6-7 for example)

            But it is not possible to have  20+ BLE devices active (sensors/tags etc) Never


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