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    What causes serial flash corruption?


      Anyone know why my application (based off of hello_sensor) corrupts serial flash?  I download and run my app to the dev board over USB.  USB is also my source of power.

      After running my app, I remove power and when I attempt to download again I get the following:


      Detecting device...

      ********* Detection Failure *************


      | The BCM20706 was not detected. Verify that the device is connected, power-cycle if       |

      | necessary, and retry.                                                                    |

      | Please see Appendix sections in the Quick Start Guide for common com port problems.      |



      When I re-plug my board into USB, I must press and hold SW3 then press SW1 before I can download again.


      I know its my app because this does not happen when I run hello_sensor but I have know idea what I'm doing to cause this as I am not writing to NVRAM.