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    2 minutes periodic transmission on Particle Photon



      I was directed to WICED forum by Particle support for trouble in using Particle Photon for our IoT project.


      We are using the Photon board for audio acquisition with an analogue circuit we have designed. In the circuit there is a microphone and some active filters. We need the Wi-Fi comunication but not the Particle cloud connection, so we use the Photon in SEMI-AUTOMATIC mode and Wifi.connect() in the setup().


      After the Wifi connection, we have no interferences in the signal of the analogical circuit, although the Wifi is active and data are sent. Nevertheless, some minutes after the Photon turned on, we noticed an interference between our circuit and the Wifi signal. This interference is repeated exactly every two minutes.

      Evidently, this interference is more powerfull than just sending data and we suspect that is due to the RTOS Wifi management.


      Is there some activity which take place every two minutes and that needs this strong Wifi signal?

      If so, there is a way to disable this feature in the WICED WIFi stack used in Particle Photon or reduce the WiFi transmission power?


      Thanks for support


      Best Regards


      Emiliano Nardone