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    WICED Studio v4.1.0 is now available...


      WICED Studio 4.1.0 is the only SDK for the Internet of Things (IoT) that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into a single integrated development environment. In addition to providing WICED APIs and an application framework designed to abstract complexity, WICED Studio 4.1.0 also leverages many common industry standards.




      • Runs on Windows®, Mac® OS X®, and Linux® through Eclipse®-based integrated development environment (IDE)
      • Single installer package with support for:
        • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo solution
        • Wi-Fi solutions
        • Bluetooth (Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate and Bluetooth Low Energy)
      • Sample applications for many popular use cases like
        • Connecting to cloud services
        • Audio-over-Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
        • Low-power BLE-based sensors and beacons
        • Smart home gateways
      • Code snippets to understand WICED APIs
      • Applications for manufacturing and certification




      WICED Studio 4.1.0 IDE Installer (Windows)

      WICED Studio 4.1.0 (OSX)

      WICED Studio 4.1.0 (Linux 64-bit)

      WICED Studio 4.1.0 (Linux 32-bit)

      WICED Studio Release Notes