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    Memory map ISM43362




      I'm currently debugging an application.

      I would like to check the RAM memory map, to see, what's located nearby my structure, which get's overwritten.

      Can I access such information. I've searched the build folder, but so far no success.


      SDK 3.5.2
      Linux environment, building with a makefile.

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          Can you switch to the latest version of Wiced Studio 4.1? I checked the build folder in this version of Wiced and the memory map for the application functions were found in the .csv file in build/snip.scan-BCM943907AEVAL1F-debug/binary. But the addresses for the data structures were not found. So you can use the debugger and find the memory address of the data structure using breakpoint debugging. You can add a memory monitor with the name of the structure instance (such as &scan_start_time) to find the address and value of the instance and other values in the address table.

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