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    Documentation about TiWi-C-W and WICED

      Dear all,


      The application that I am developing will use the TiWi-C-W with a custom application using SDK WICED. I don't finded much information about this.


      I have two questions:


      1 - Is there any document that is not on the site (https://www.lsr.com/embedded-wireless-modules/wifi-module/tiwi-cw#product-documents), something about software/hardware integration and use of the WICED SDK to TiWi-C-W? Any new information is welcome.


      2 - Is there any document/table about pinout TiWi-C-W vs BCM4390? The pinouts are listed on pages 9-10 on Datasheet (https://www.lsr.com/downloads/products/330-0129.pdf) it don't list I2C and SPI.