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    bcmdhd kernel panic with manufacturing test firmware

      Dear all,


      we're facing a kernel panic when using the manufacturing test firmware (fw_bcmdhd_mfgtest.bin) on a NXP i.MX 6SoloX SABRE-SD board with a Murata SN8000 (BCM43362) wifi module.


      The kernel module loads fine, but when we try to bring the wireless interface up (ifconfig wlan0 up) we get a kernel panic. There are two different symptoms, one being apparently a NULL pointer that leads to an access at address 00000054, the other being a skb panic BUG report. Both come from the same location in the code, the function dhdsdio_sendfromq().


      Afterwards, the system is either already frozen, or it freezes once we try to run "wl ver".


      The same setup works fine when using the non-manufacturing firmware.


      We're using the 4.1-1.0.x-imx branch from the linux-fslc repository, and tried the bcmdhd both compiled into the kernel and as a module.


      The bcmdhd sources in the kernel tree match the code released in the

      OpenSource release of bcmdhd 141.88

      forum post, with a few additional lines apparently added by Murata?


      - Is it correct to first bring the wireless interface up? If we start the "wl" utility without trying to bring the interface up, wl fails to find the "driver adapter".

      - Is the manufacturing test firmware supposed to work with the bcmdhd driver, and has anyone tried this out with the 4.1.x kernel, or with the 141.88 driver?

      - Is there a fix available?


      I've attached logging output (with dhd_msg_level=65535) from one run where the problem resulted in a skb panic.


      Best Regards,


      Dominic Rath