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    STMf324xx Very Long Deep Sleep (using 1 Hz ck_spre)


      Found what appears to be an issue with sleeping for very long periods (> (65535/32768*16) seconds).


      stop_mode_power_down_hook() calls a function platform_rtc_enter_powersave(), which has the following code:


          /* Change the clocking state of the RTC, so it ticks every 1.25ms while cpu is sleeping - 800Hz clock */

          stm32f2_rtc_change_clock( &current_clock_state, CLOCKING_EVERY_1p25MSEC );


      This code changes the RTC divider input to tick ever 1.25 millisecond instead of every 1 second.   Because the RTC WKUP divider is set to CK_SPRE_CLOCK_SOURCE_SELECTED, (basically the result of all the RTC clock dividers, the WKUP clock ticks every 1.25 ms.  


      The way I noticed this is as follows:


      I had a loop that delay for 600s.  The delay still functioned correctly, but the MCU would wake approximately every 800 ms.


      Doing the math, (600 * 1.25e-3) = 750 ms.   Which is pretty close to my observed wakeup frequency.  When I removed the stm32f2_rtc_change_clock() call, the RTC only woke up at the appropriate time.