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    STM32F469 Discovery - BCM43340

      Hi guys,


      I am using version 3.7.0 of the WICED SDK. I have added support for the STM32F479 discovery kit; the support was mostly there, just a few missing IFDEFs. I believe that everything is working properly. I am trying to get the Inventek ISM43340-L77 SDIO dev kit working with an STM32F469 discovery kit.


      However, I'm having an issue with WIFI over SDIO, and I am hoping you might have some insight. On startup, the SDIO communication is great for awhile. I see all of the expected commands and responses (identical to the commands/responses on the working Inventek L44 dev kit), but eventually it just hangs and the watchdog fires off, restarting the board.


      I have traced the problematic line down to this:


          /* Enable F2 interrupts. This wasn't required for 4319 but is for the 43362 */


          VERIFY_RESULT( wwd_bus_write_backplane_value( SDIO_FUNCTION_INT_MASK, (uint8_t) 1, (uint32_t) 2) );


      If this line runs, everything hangs about a second later. If I comment out this line, it gets further but still eventually hangs a few seconds later.

      Is there anything in the wifi_nvram_image.h file that would change depending on the host processor? I figured SDIO is SDIO, and the host processor really shouldn't matter all that much.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.