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    Any BCM43* chip which is not "NRND"?



      I'm looking for a Wifi + BLE combo chip to use in a new design. I've checked BCM43340, BCM4343W, BCM43438 etc. It seems that all BCM43* parts are "Not recommended for new design (NRND)". Is it just a part number change or EOL for these products? Will the production and support continue for these chips and partner modules implementing them?

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          This is an issue across many 43xx and 2073X devices.  I believe it may be linked to the BCM to CYW part number conversion.


          I am looking into it now with the Product Management team.


          Note that I am not aware of any plans to obsolete any of the broad market devices noted in your post.


          Since we only engage with all of these devices inside of partner modules (Website shows SoCs), it will be more effective to select a device using the IoT Solutions Guide

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            Thank you for the information.


            Just to be sure about that IoT solutions document. Do you encourage using partner module itself or BCM chips which are also included in partner modules?


            And I have a specific question for BCM4343W. In that document, there are 4343W modules operating between -40 to 85 ºC. But this chip has operating temp from -30 to 70 ºC in datasheet and from 0 to 65 ºC in Cypress web site. Do you know whether it's a typo or marketing?

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              That's correct.  While many of our devices may be capable of operating at industrial temp, they were not screened and specified as such.  This is yet another one of the ways our module partners are adding value.