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    Can I use a wifi module like CYW43362 with an external TCP stack?

      This is my second question in the forum, and I just had to come back to ask my question because the response time and the treatment I received was amazing.


      Now comes my question. From what I've seen all your wifi modules come embedded with an internal ARM microcontroller or microprocessor (ARM11 and ARMCR4). This makes me think that all of them probably just work with something like AT commands (in my previous question someone answered me that CYW43362 comes programmed to accept AT commands).


      My question now is, is it possible for me to run the TCP stack (like lwip) on an external microcontroller? I mean that the internal microcontroller would not have a TCP stack it would just work as a radio, not knowing what it's sending or receiving.


      Also, an extra question. The wiced sdk is supposed to be used to program the internal microcontroller or the external microcontroller? It seems to be used to program the exteranl (I haven't looked at the source code because it didn't download/install correctly on my PC)

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          WICED modules typically come with a Cortex M3/M4 MCU that is internal to the module. The Linux i.MX6 based modules are radio only (no internal MPU/MCU), but work with an ARM 9 class processor from NXP/Freescale.


          Higher level software would need to be running on the module to accept AT commands.


          The uC that is internal to most WICED Modules already runs a TCP/IP Stack and an RTOS.  WICED is designed to work with our eval boards and partner modules with internal MCU.  With partner modules, the partner themselves would need to provide a platform file for that particular module which would then be used within the SDK.


          The radio only modules available from some module providers can be used with WICED and external MCUs, but the module partner normally has higher engagement criteria for these modules as the support burden is greater.


          If you haven't already done so, you may want to take a look at the IoT Solutions Guide