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    How to boot from SFLAH

      Hi All,

      I have flashed three app APP 0, APP1,APP2 to external flash using makefile as follows

      APP0 :=../snip.scan-BCM94343W_AVN.bin

      APP1 :=../snip.uart-BCM94343W_AVN.bin

      APP2 :=../test.I2CTest-BCM94343W_AVN.bin


      and make <target> download download_apps run


      now I want to boot APP1 which is stored in external Flash (SFLASH)


      I tried this Code in application_start() :  => but this hangs while rebooting



      boot_detail_t boot;


                   boot.entry_point                 = 0;

                   boot.load_details.load_once      = PLATFORM_DEFAULT_LOAD;

                   boot.load_details.valid          = 1;

                   boot.load_details.destination.id = INTERNAL;


                   if ( wiced_dct_get_app_header_location( DCT_APP0_INDEX, &boot.load_details.source ) != WICED_SUCCESS )


                       return WICED_ERROR;



                   WPRINT_APP_INFO(("boot.load_details.source.detail.external_fixed.location %d \r\n",boot.load_details.source.detail.internal_fixed.location));

                   if ( wiced_dct_write_boot_details( &boot ) != WICED_SUCCESS)

                       return WICED_ERROR;




      can any on tell me whats going wrong ?

      and What can be done?


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