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    Some questions about the CYW43364 Block Diagram


         I’m new to WICED Wi-Fi.Recently, I bought a BCM943364WCD1_EVB Evaluation and Development Kit from an agent.I see the Block Diagram on the  datasheet as shown below:


      Now,I have some questions:

      1、CYW43364 has two Cortex M3 Core?

      2、If the CYW43364 has only one Cortex M3 core,Why there are three JTAG interface?

      3、The upper part of the block diagram indicates whether CYW43364 requires an external MCU to drive or an external MCU is optional?

      4、The following part of the block diagram indicates that the CYW43364 can be directly programmed and debugged via the JTAG interface?

      5、What is the role of STMF411 on the BCM943364WCD1_EVB Evaluation and Development Kit?


      Somebody can help me?Million of thanks.