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    BCM43340 - wl pkteng_start - Undefined error



      Unable to start Tx traffic using pkteng utility with wl commands.

      Driver and Firmware Details:

      • version details:

                [root@AT91SAM9 wifi]# wl ver

                1.141 RC77.0

                wl0: Apr 13 2016 02:45:38 version (r631123 WLTEST) FWID 01-3ff1

      • Driver: Driver taken from Murata vendor. Dongle Host Driver, version 1.141.77 (r533071)
      • Firmware: Downloaded mfgtest firmware from bcm_imx_08_12_2016.tar.gz tar ball from below location.

                Quick Start with iMX6 Ultralite EVK and Mass Market Modules


      Below are the steps followed:

      • Driver Loading with mfg firmware:
        • insmod ./dhd.ko iface_name=wlan0 firmware_path=./firmware/fw_bcmdhd_mfgtest.bin nvram_path=./nvram/bcm943340wlagb_p203.txt
      • wlan interface bring-up:
        • ifconfig wlan0 up
        • wl mpc 0
        • wl up
        • wl phy_watchdog 0
      • Starting pkteng for generating Tx traffic:
        • wl pkteng_start 00:23:a7:7a:b8:98 tx 300 1500 0
        • At this step below error is returned

                     dhd_wl_ioctl: WLC_SET_VAR: pkteng, ret = -1

                     wl: Undefined error



      • when running pkteng in Rx mode using below command it returns no errors.
        • wl pkteng_start 00:23:a7:7a:b8:98 rx 300 1500
      • Also pkteng_stats displays stats only related to Rx mode.
        • wl pkteng_stats



      Please find Attachment


      Please provide me the necessary steps to run pkteng in Tx mode.