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    1DX without Linux


      Hi folks,

      did anyone succeeded in running WiFi with 1DX and something else that imx/Linux ?

      I derived BC94343WWCD1 for a custom board. SDIO communication is fine, firmware loading is fine, RF is silent.

      Scan returns no results and join complains about not finding any network.

      Could it be possible that "wifi_nvram_image" requires a specific configuration ? I do not have any access to 1DX driver for imx/Linux.

      Any idea ?

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          Hi gezedo, I know our customers are using 1DX on WICED SDK. One important thing is to make SDIO line as short as possible.

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            Hi Gezedo, Any progress on your issue?

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              Unfortunately, the issue is not yet fully resolved.

              I am now able to scan, but is is very unstable, joining succeeds randomly, and when it does, it is almost impossible run any network on it. The link becomes down very quickly.

              I suspect the nvram configuration file not to provide the optimum parameters. I already fixed the crystal frequency (37,4MHz for 1DX), but it is likely not to be the only parameter requiring to be tuned. I would like to compare my nvram settings (borrowed from BC94343WWCD1) to those used in linux/imx (but I can't get the source because I do not own an imx/1DX kit, Murata web site requires a S/N to deliver the software).

              On the other side I am also checking antenna matching. Again, being able to compare with a Murata's reference design would be nice.

              IMHO software is not likely to be responsible, given that exactly the same software runs correctly with SN8000. Differences between both are reduced to hardware (custom SD dongle), Wifi firmware and nvram configuration.

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                Request access to MyMurata and email at imxfaq@murata.com about it and I'll try to get you the access. Did you move to 3.7.x WICED and are you using the correct target?

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                  I already have a mymurata account, and sent an email as suggested.

                  Yes, our work is based on WICED 3.7.0.

                  Not sure about what target you are talking about. Neither our CPU nor the 1DX module is officially supported in WICED, I did a port for both of them. Note (again!) that my CPU port is perfectly able run with SN8000.

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                    Please refer to the IoT Solutions Guide for the platforms supported by the 1DX within the broad market.


                    As Ghouse indicates, Linux is supported on the i.MX platform. 

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                      gezedo I guess you got MyMurata account but you didn't register for the iMX site. Here is the link this guide I sent you an email with NVRAM as well. There is an example in WICED for ST+43438(or W). you should be using that.


                      To Ensure there is no RF Antenna type issue can you keep the AP next to 1DX and try.

                      To make sure your MCU is communicating with 1DX, can you send WICED log?

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                        I am afraid the new NVRAM data did not help as much as i expected. Next week, I will focus on antenna and other potential hw issues.

                        A log is attached that shows some WICED traces. The testing application is scanning for "smurf" AP and loops until it joins, which never happens.

                        Using SN8000 (other HW / firmware / nvram, same appli / WICED) joins immediately.

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                          What is the Make Target again?

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                            We use a custom project, not build inside WAF.

                            BTW, when running wwd.scan-STREAMIT.1DX-FreeRTOS-LwIP or wwd.canned_send-STREAMIT.1DX-NoNS-debug, both seems to run without any issues.

                            I remember that issue went more frequent when trying to join after a scan, exactly what my demo application does (it scans to detect "smurf", then tries to join).

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                              Seems like the communication between processor and Module is fine, I wonder if there is something more WICED related from porting it to different processor.

                              Any luck debugging it.

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                                Looks like we have an hardware issue here, something related to antenna.

                                WICED (+ our port to the platform) is ok, as far as I can tell.


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                                  If you got to the stage of being able to scan, then you should try sniffing the wireless packets over the air and this could give a clue as to what is going on.

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                                    Neither our CPU nor the 1DX module is officially supported in WICED.

                                    > If possible please shared what is the CPU that you are using?



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