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    BCM94343W serial output with custom speed


      Hi broadcom gurus,

      I run an 1DX module which is powered by 4343W. It has SDPCM running, but (apparently) no RF (trying scan and join).

      Trying to shed some light on potential issue, I found that the firmware output a RS232 modulate signal at around 160Kbps on WL_GPIO_2 pin. It says:

      hndarm_armr addr: 0x18003000, cr4_idx: 0000000.002

      RTE (SDIO-CDC) (r644353) on BCM43430 r1 @ 26.0/81.6/81.6MHz

      000000.004 sdpcmdcdc0: Broadcom SDPCMD CDC driver

      000000.009 reclaim section 0: Returned 49208 bytes to the heap

      000000.013 wlc_bmac_info_init: host_enab 1

      000000.032 wl0: Broadcom BCM43430 802.11 Wireless Controller (r644353)

      000000.035 TCAM: 256 used: 164 exceed:0

      000000.037 reclaim section 1: Returned 79912 bytes to the heap

      Does it shows some error happening or not ?

      Is the speed okay, or does it reveal clocking issue ?

      How can I make sure RF is on ?

      BTW, WL_GPIO_1 later has a signal that looks like sending {0xDB 0xXX} pairs of bytes at around 3MHz This signal is related to another pin (BT_GPIO_4) with some encoding I don't know the name (negative pulse of half-period for each zero).


      Can someone explain, and help ?