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    Avnet AWS IOT 4343W "provisioning" examples do not work


      At least 2 examples from Wiced studio 4.0.1 implement provisioning webpage:

      - demo.aws_iot.shadow

      - snip.config_mode


      I see the following issues on above examples:


      1. Scan waits forever: in process_scan the call to func wiced_wifi_scan_networks() is almost always failing and the code hangs for end of scan on the next wiced_rtos_get_semaphore() call. When only doing scan operation it works fine, however mixing TCP transaction and performing scan result in error being yield from wwd_wifi_scan()  and underlying functions.


      2. Manually entering the credentials does not seem to work. I tried all encryptions provided on the provisioning webpage with appropriate username/pass, my IOT module never connects to my home AP after completing the provisioning session normally.


      Can you confirm these issues?