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    mybeacon download error


      I am trying to make, build and download the MyBeacon example application in version 2.2.3


      I have a wiced sense kit 1 and 2.


      i have commented out the rf stop line as i don't need it

      // Configure P0 as active high input to pause advertisements.

         // bleprofile_configureGpioForSkippingRf(GPIO_PIN_P0, GPIO_PIN_INPUT_HIGH);


      what target do i need to set this to? i have tried the following make command - mybeacon-BCM920736 download

      but i get this error

      Download failed. This version of the SDK only supports download to BCM20736A1 and BCM20737A1 devices


      i successfully downloaded the HRM project to the same kit using the same command (replaced mybeacon with heartrate)

      what command should i be using?

      i noticed that there was no platform.h for the base 20736 so i created one to match the tag_q32 but that didn't fix the download issue.