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    bcm4330: bcmdhd configuration

      Hello Support team !


      We're working on a device imx6 with a bcm4330 chip. We're trying use it with a freescale 3.14.52 kernel. We got a working driver for 3.0.35 kernel but we would like to use a more recent version. Here are my questions regarding the driver:

      • Is 141.88 bcmdhd driver compatible with this chip ?
      • Is there any documentation we can use to configure the driver Makefile for this chip ?



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          The BCM4330 is not one of the devices we support in the broad market, so it is not therefore supported here on the IoT Community.


          Please reach out to your local/regional Cypress/Distribution contacts that enabled you with this device as they will need to line up direct factory support (if available).