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    Device detected but Download failed

      Hi all,


      I have a custom board with BCM920737S that I'm trying to program without success. The SDK (2.2.3) can detect the device, it stars to download the firmware (healt thermometer) but after few seconds the following statement appears:


      ****Download failed - Press the reset button on the device and retry ****


      See attached the download log.


      I've also tried the recover but I get "Recovery failed".


      I'm using the FTDI USB to serial 3.3V cable;

      P1 is pulled down by a 10k resistor to ground

      There is an inertial sensor (MPU9250) connected to the I2C but it is not populated on the board.

      SCL and SDA are pulled up by 10k resistors.


      Any suggestion?


      Kind regards