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    BCM43341 NFC Peer To Peer Mode

      I'm attempting to use the BCM43341 (via the Inventek ISM43341 module) to implement NFC Peer To Peer mode using WICED SDK 3.5.2. The issue I'm running into is that the WICED NFC API seems to only support reader/writer mode, not peer to peer mode. However, the BCM43341 specification states that it should support all 3 NFC modes.


      Documentation on this module seems to be pretty much nonexistent, especially with the NFC interface. Can someone point me in the direction of more info on how to work with the NFC functionality on this module?




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          Note that the BCM43341 was not one of the devices that transferred with us from Broadcom to Cypress (NFC remained with Broadcom).


          However, Inventek still has the 43341 based module in production and they continue to provide excellent support.  If needed, they also have a direct support channel into our organization as well.


          As such, I am moving this to the Inventek Systems forum and including DiBa_1995216 as he may be able to find someone on his team to help.

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            Based on our discussion, we can confirm that the NFC feature will NOT be supported going forward since NFC technology was not included in the Broadcom IoT Division that was purchased by Cypress.  So for new designs we can not support NFC and will update our data sheets and website to reflect this.  The ISM43340-L77 SiP and ISM43340-M4G-L44 will be supported but the ISM43341 based products will not be supported for new designs

            We look forward to supporting your "virtual WICED" design using our 43371-L77 radio only SiP and your chosen ST Microelectronics processor.