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    Dev kit for 43362 that supports instruction trace?


      Hi there,


      After attending the recent Arm TechCon and seeing how good the trace probes are nowadays, I am interested in getting trace to work with my code base and hardware.

      The problem is that I am currently using the EMW3165 module, and the trace pins are not available on the WLCSP micro (STM32F4) that is used on the module.ing


      I am curious to know if someone knows if there is already a solution for this built, maybe the Cypress or former Broadcom team built one internally, or if it is know if a module manufacturer has built something that would work.


      Apart from that, the only other solutions paths I can see are to get an out of production dev board like BCM943362WCD4_EVB and use a package adapter to swap the small micro for a bigger one that makes ETM pins available. And it looks like Murata has a module that is just the 43362 chip, but I would need a reference design as a starting point.
      Or to do a full custom board, which I don't believe that I have the resources or knowhow to handle the RF resign, nor the ability to source the bare 43392 chips (no stock at any distributor).


      Cypress pointed me to ask here to get the opinion from the WICED/IoT team.

      Are the schematics for the BCM943362WCD4 module available? Or a similar reference design to start from?