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    BCM4390 UART input data loss and module rebooting



      Anybody who has same problem, please advise it.

      Our module is adapted and ready to mass production.

      We got faced problem with BCM4390  SPIL N-04 module.

      For easy duplication, we tested with snip.uart sample application, It also make problem.


      Issues : Serial data loss and module reboot  issue

      • SDK 3.7.0
      • Device : BCM4390(SPIL N-04 ) and BCM43362
      • Issue :

      In case using “wiced_init( ) , wiced_network_up”and Serial input data comes continuously, module

      goes to reboot or serial input data loss.

      If not using “wiced_init( ) , wiced_network_up” no serial input loss

      If wifi is not used then serial data loss does not happen


      • Test appication : snip.uart

                     While module is ready to receive, just send file(file size: 351000Bytes )  at the terminal

                     Added function:

                                    #ifdef ADDED_FUNCTION

                                               wiced_init( );

                                               wiced_network_up( WICED_STA_INTERFACE, WICED_USE_EXTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER, NULL );

                                          #define RX_BUFFER_SIZE    2048



      • Test condition :

                  UART port = WICED_UART_1


      file size= 351000Bytes,  and ping from external device to module ( 1 packet / second )


      • Test result#1

            1. serial baudrate =115200

            2. BCM43362 works fine in FreeRTOS and ThreadX. No Problem

            3. BCM4390 makes problem


      OS               ThreadX         FreeRTOS


      Network-up   | rebooting       rebooting

      No network-up|      OK                OK



      • Test result#2

            1. Baudrate changed : 38400

            2. BCM4390 makes problem

      OS               ThreadX FreeRTOS


      Network-up       Serial data loss(10K)    Serial data loss(10K)



         We tested every baudrate but it has same problem. Attached file is the serial data loss picture