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    How to separate Scan Response Data from Advertising Data in wiced_bt_ble_observe callback ?

      Hi All,


      When implement

      void ble_scan_results_cb( wiced_bt_ble_scan_results_t* p_scan_result, uint8_t* p_adv_data )


      for API wiced_bt_ble_observe( WICED_TRUE, 30, ble_scan_results_cb )


      The p_adv_data carries full packet of data ( without size info, please add size info in API to make life easier)

      If p_scan_result->ble_evt_type is BTM_BLE_EVT_CONNECTABLE_ADVERTISEMENT, p_adv_data carries advertisement data, that's fine.

      But if p_scan_result->ble_evt_type is BTM_BLE_EVT_SCAN_RSP (for same device), p_adv_data carries advertisement with scan response data concatenated.


      Is there a boundary info to separate scan response data from the whole bunch of data ?

      It's really hard to do this.