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    OTA2+BT wifi introducer+malloc_debug => stack overflow on BTU thread




      I'm trying to have a fw ota2 compatible, with a part with the bt_wifi_introducer and the malloc_debug activated.

      When I try to do that, while pairing a device in BT, i have a stack overflow on the BTU thread.


      I track down the error to the GLOBAL_DEFINES     += DCT_CRC32_CALCULATION_SIZE_ON_STACK=4096 in the ota2.mk, so i guess during the pairing there is a CRC32 calculation that take 4096 bit of stack, while the BTU stack is 6k so stack overflow.


      If i reduce it to 128 or 256, it will just impact the time the calculation takes right ? So i can without any risk for OTA2 or BT reduce that value to 128 (default) ?