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    3.7.0 regression issues


      Cypress team,


      Below summary the regressions reported recently, please make sure all these issues will be fixed in next SDK release.

      Most of these issues are related to the closed-source part, so people cannot workaround it.


      demo.bt_smartbridge easily get GKI_exception 65524 getbuf: out of buffers exception on scan more then 3 connectable BLE peripherals around

      https://community.cypress.com/thread/7651 (work in 3.5.2, fail in 3.7.0)


      [BLE] [3.7.0-3] BTM_ENABLED_EVT error

      https://community.cypress.com/thread/7644 (work in 3.7.0, fail in 3.7.0-3)


      SDK-3.6.3 / SDK-3.7.0 wiced_framework_set_boot() doesn't work

      https://community.cypress.com/thread/7328 (work in 3.5.2, fail in 3.7.0-3)


      BT stack sometimes forgets to unlock mutex

      https://community.cypress.com/thread/7659 (fail in 3.7)


      GregG_16 MichaelF_56